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More than 25 years of experience with LCDs
with more than 20 years in Europe

YES keeps a promise

We are an LCD-maker with more than 20 years experience, located in Anshan, China with the Eruopean branch being located in Karlsruhe, Germany.
You are currently visiting our European branch website. For worldwide support please visit

Quality and technical-excellence is our focus, as well as in-time delivery and a trustful communication with all our customers.
We are happy to assist your with your LCD questions, please contact us: info[at]


Two STN lines in-house


High contrast LCD


Dot matrix


Segment STN


Field sequential color

Various technologies

We are very experienced in the design of custom LCDs for the industrial market, being produced on one of our two (C)STN lines. Available technologies are TN, STN, FSTN, ASTN, FSC, VA with both COB and COG for LC modules, sizes up to 460 mm, both segment and dot matrix. Above pictures show some project samples.
Please contact us for a detailed offering.


Standard and semi-standard TFTs

Standard list

We offer a wide variety of standard modules from 1.22" to 15.6" TFTs also in round shape or other special sizes. Furthermore we have special TFTs for wearables, automotive or industrial applications. Some of them can be found in the following list.
Please contact us and we will suggest a suitable module to you.

SizeYes P/N TypeOutline dimensionAA dimensionResolutionBrightnessInterfaceTouch panelviewing angleTOPTFT technology
1,22 YTS122LAA-01-100circle33.36x31.9230.96x26.32240RGBx204 SPI, RGB Free, 85/85/85/85-20-70/-30-80 
1,54 YTS154LAB-01-100square34.61*39.02(Panel)27.72*27.72240*240 SPI+RGB FREE-20-70/-30-80IPS
1,54 YTS154LAA-01-100square34.61*39.02(Panel)27.744*27.744320*320 SPI+RGB FREE-20-70/-30-80IPS
1,77 YTS177BLAU-01-100Nportrait34.0x47.0x2.628.032x35.04128RGBx1603004-wire SPI 6H, 45/20/45/45-20-70/-30-80TN
2,00 YTS200CLAP-01-100Nportrait38.08x51.7x2.031.68x39.6176RGBx2202008080, 16-bit parallel 6H, 45/20/45/45-20-70/-30-80TN
2,40 YTS240DLAU-01-100Nportrait42.72x60.26x3.336.72x48.96240RGBx320270parallel 6H, 70/60/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN
2,8YTS280DLAV-01-100Cportrait50.0x69.2x4.3543.2x57.6240RGBx320300Serial, parallel 6H, 50/20/45/45-20-70/-30-80TN
3,2YTS320HLAE-01-100Nportrait49.82x77.63x2.2444.64x66.96320RGBx480TBDRGB Free, 80/80/80/80-20-70/-30-80 
3,50 YTS350ELAK-01-100Tlandscape77.8*64.5*4.170.08*52.56320RGB*24041024-bit RGBRTP12H, 50/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350ELAK-02-401Nlandscape76.9x63.9x3.370.08*52.56320RGB*240500family IF1.0 24bit RGB  12H, 45/50/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350ELAK-01-401Nlandscape76.9x63.9x3.370.08*52.56320RGB*24050024bit RGB 12H, 50/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350ELAN-01-103Nlandscape76.9x63.9x3.370.08*52.56320RGB*240340SPI 12H, 50/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350ELAN-01-101Tlandscape77.8x64.5x4.1470.08*52.56320RGB*240280System, Parallel(Move picture display interface)RTP12H, 50/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350ELAK-01-402Tlandscape76.9*63.9*4.470.08*52.56320RGB*24026024bit RGBRTP12H, 60/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN+O-FILM
3,50 YTS350ELAK-01-401Clandscape76.9x63.9x4.970.08*52.56320RGB*24043024bit RGBCTP, MTP350-005AEASFIL12H, 50/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350ELAK-01-403Clandscape83.8x70.5x4.970.08*52.56320RGB*240430family IF2.0,24bit RGBCTP, MTP350-006AEASFIL12H, 50/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350ELAK-01-401Tlandscape76.9*63.9*4.470.08*52.56320RGB*24035024bit RGBRTP12H, 45/50/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350HLAE-01-100Nportrait55.26x84.69x2.548.96x73.44320RGBx480min.340RGB (Type-C option1) 6H, 60/60/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN
3,50 YTS350ELAT-01-100Nlandscape75.7x62.7x2.6370.08*52.56320RGBx24045024-bit RGB 12H, 50/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN
4,30 YTS430ILAG-01-100Nlandscape105.5*67.2*3.9595.04*53.86480RGB*272min.42024-bit RGB Free, 70/70/70/70-30-85/-40-90MVA
4,30 YTS430KLAF-01-100Cportrait71.3*126.6*4.055.80*93.00480RGB*800400RGB+MIPI Free, 70/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80MVA
4,30 YTS430ILAC-06-100Nlandscape105.5*67.2*3.9595.04*53.86480RGB*272min. 36024-bit RGB Free, 60/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN+O-FILM
4,30 YTS430ILAC-10-100Clandscape119.04*77.87*5.8595.04*53.86480RGB*27240024-bit RGB 12H, 45/50/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
4,30 YTC430ILAC-01-112Nlandscape105.5x67.2x3.9595.04x53.856480RGB*272500family IF1.0, 24-bit RGB 12H,45/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
4,30 YTC430ILAC-01-112Clandscape119.04x77.87x5.995.04x53.856480RGB*27240024-bit RGBCTP, MTP430-001AAAMFIL12H,45/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
4,30 YTC430ILAC-01-112Tlandscape105.5x67.2x5.395.04x53.856480RGB*27237524-bit RGBRTP12H,45/60/60/60-20-70/-30-80TN
4,30 YTS430ILAK-01-100Nlandscape102.04x63.0x1.595.04x53.856480RGB*27249024-bit RGB 6H, 50/60/65/65-20-70/-30-80TN
4,30 YTS430ILAK-01-101Clandscape119.04x77.87x5.0895.04x53.856480RGB*272min. 39024-bit RGBCTP, MTP430-001CAAMFIL6H, 50/60/65/65-20-70/-30-80TN
5,00 YTS500RLAI-01-100Nlandscape118.5x77.55x3.5108.0x64.8800RGBx480530family IF1.0, RGB 12H, 60/70/75/75-20-70/-30-80TN
5,00 YTS500XLAD-01-100Nportrait65.00*118.10*1.6562.10*110.40720RGBx1280min.400MIPI, DSI Free, 80/80/80/80-20-70/-30-80IPS
5,00 YTS500RLAE-01-100Clandscape129.0x85.8108.0x64.8800RGBx480300RGBCTP, MTP500-005CAAMFIL12H, 50/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN
5,00 YTS500RLAI-02-100Clandscape129.0x85.8x5.8108.0x64.8800RGBx480450family IF2.0, RGBCTP, MTP500-005AAAMFIL12H, 60/70/75/75-20-70/-30-80TN
5,00 YTS500RLAE-01-100Nlandscape120.7x76.3x3.1108.0x64.8800RGBx480350RGB 12H, 50/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN
5,70 YTS570ELAC-01-104Nlandscape160.0X113.0X8.1115.2x86.4320monox2403504-bit parallel 12H, 50/65/65/65-20+70/-30+80TN
7,00 SMART DX-YTS700RLAB-06-100Tlandscape185.0x120.0x12.1152.4x91.44800RGBx480260 RTP, A164103G1-TAK6H, 60/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN, anti-glare surface
7,00 YTS700RLAB-06-100Tlandscape165.0x104.44x6.7152.4x91.44800RGBx480260 RTP, A164103G1-TAK6H, 60/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN, anti-glare surface
7,00 YTS700RLAB-10-100Clandscape174.4x113.44x5.7152.4x91.44800RGBx480300RGBCTP, MTP700-001CAAMFIL12H, 60/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN
7,00 YTS700RLAK-01-105Clandscape181.08x112.92x(5.64+2.1+0.5)154.08x85.92800RGBx480900RGBPCAP, MTP700-008AAAMFIL12H, 50/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN anti-glare surface
7,00 YTS700RLAK-01-105Nlandscape164.9x100.0x5.64154.08x85.92800RGBx4801070RGB 12H, 50/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN anti-glare surface
7,00 YTS700RLAK-01-105Tlandscape164.9x100.0x7.14154.08x85.92800RGBx480800RGBRTP12H, 50/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN anti-glare surface
7,00 YTS700RLAS-01-100Nlandscape169.4x100.0x5.1154.08x85.92800RGBx480 digital, parallel, 18-bit RGB 50/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN, anti-glare surface
7,00 YTS700RLAT-01-100Clandscape181.08x112.92x8.67154.08x85.92800RGBx480900RGBCTP, MTP700-008BAAMFIL12H, 50/70/70/70-30-85/-30-85TN
7,00 YTS700RLAT-04-100Clandscape181.08x112.92x8.67154.08x85.92800RGBx480900family IF2.0, RGBCTP, MTP700-008BAAMFIL12H, 50/70/70/70-30-85/-30-85TN
7,00 YTS700RLAX-01-100Nlandscape165.0x104.44x5.2152.4x91.44800RGBx480TBD (not tooled)24-bit RGB Free, 80/80/80/80-30-85/-40-95 
7,00 YTS700TLAL-01-100Nlandscape164.9*100.00*4.8154.21x85.921024RGBx600500LVDS 12H, 70/75/75/75-20-70/-30-80TN
7,00 YTS700RLAT-01-100Nlandscape164.9x100.0x5.94154.08x85.92800RGBx4801000famiily IF1.0, RGB 12H, 50/70/70/70-30-85/-30-85TN
7,00 YTS700RLAB-01-100Nlandscape165.0x104.44x5.2152.4x91.44800RGBx480350RGB 6H, 60/70/70/70-20-70/-30-80TN, anti-glare surface
8,00 YTS800SLAI-01-100Nlandscape183.0x141.0x6.1162.0x121.5800RGBx6001000RGB 12H, 50/70/70/70-20+70/-30+80TN
8,00 YTS800WLAA-01-100Nportrait114.6x184.1x2.45107.64x172.22800RGBx1280300Mipi Free, 80/80/80/80-10-50/-20-60IPS, hard coating surface
8,00 YTS800VLAO-01-100Nlandscape174.0x136.0x2.45162.05x121.541024RGBx768350LVDS Free, 85/85/85/85-10-50/-20-60anti glare surface
8,00 YTS800RLAB-01-100Nlandscape164.9*100.00*4.8154.21x85.921024RGBx600500LVDS 12H, 70/75/75/75-20-70/-30-80TN
8,00 YTS800VLAO-01-100Clandscape193.0x152.5x4.38162.05x121.541024RGBx768300LVDS Free, 85/85/85/85-10-50/-20-60anti glare surface
10,10 YTSA10WLAE-01-101Clandscape258.0x176.6x7.25216.96x135,61280RGBx800430LVDSCTP, MTPA10-008AAAMFILFree, 85/85/85/85-20-70/-30-80IPS, hard coating surface
10,10 YTSA10WLAB-01-108Clandscape258.0x176.6x4.95216.96x135,61280RGBx800300LVDSCTP, MTPA10-008AAAMFILFree, 85/85/85/850-50/-20-60IPS, hard coating surface
10,10 YTSA10WLAB-01-100Nlandscape229.46x149.1x2.5216.96x135,61280RGBx800350LVDS/Digital? Free, 85/85/85/850-50/-20-60IPS, hard coating surface
10,10 YTSA10WLAE-01-100Nlandscape229.46x149.1x4.8216.96x135,61280RGBx800500LVDS Free, 85/85/85/85-20-70/-30-80IPS, hard coating surface
10,40 YTSA40SLAA-01-100Nlandscape228.4x175.4x5.9211.2x158.4800RGBx60025024-bit RGB 6H, 50/60/70/70-10-50/-20-60TN
12,10 SmartDX-YTSC10SLAA-01-100Tlandscape261.39x204.17x8.4246.0x184.5800RGBx600450LVDS Free, 89/89/89/89-30-80/-30-85IPS, hard coating (3H), anti-glare(Haze 25%)
12,10 YTSC10SLAA-01-100N0landscape249.0x187.5246.0x184.5800RGBx600450LVDS Free, 89/89/89/89-30-80/-30-85IPS, hard coating (3H), anti-glare(Haze 25%)
12,10 YTSC10VLAA-01-100Clandscape290.8x241.9x9.8245.76x184.321280RGBx768435LVDSCTP, MTPC10-004AAAMFILFree, 80/80/70/70-30-70/-40-80TN
12,10 YTSC10WLAA-01-100Nlandscape278.0x184.0x8.16261.12x163.21280RGBx800400LVDS Free, 88/88/88/88-10-70/-20-80MVA, hard coating (3H), anti glare
12,10 YTSC10VLAA-01-100Nlandscape260.5x204.0x7.2245.76x184.321280RGBx768500LVDS Free, 80/80/70/70-30-70/-40-80TN, hard coating (3H), anti-glare
15,00 YTSE00VLAA-01-100Nlandscape326.5x253.5x12.0304.128x228.0961280RGBx768420LVDS 6H, 80/80/80/80-20-70/-30-80anti glare and hard coating surface
15,00 YTSE00VLAA-01-100Clandscape355.13x279.1x15.25304.128x228.0961280RGBx768min.300LVDSCTP, MTPE00-002AAAMFIL6H, 80/80/80/80-20-70/-30-80anti glare and hard coating surface
15,60 YTSE60LAA-01-100Nlandscape366.38x220.93x3.64344.16x193.591920RGBx1080300eDP Free, 85/85/85/850-50/-20-60IPS


We offer a wide variety of e-paper with original e-ink technology

Segment and matrix e-paper

Custom segment e-papers with glass, flexible or PCB substrate. Two and three colour matrix e-paper as standard or semi-custom version.
The following list is only an extract, please contact us for more options.

SizeMono/ColortempretureDPIResolution(mm)Outline Dimension(mm)Active Area(mm)YES P/N
2.9"B/W0-50C112296(H)128(V)79.0(H)36.7(V) *1.2(D)66.9(H)29.06(V)YMS128296-029BAAMFGN
2.9"B/W/R0-40C112296(H)128(V)79.0(H)36.7(V) *1.2(D)66.9(H)29.06(V)YMS128296-029BABMFGN-R
2.9"B/W-L0-50C112296(H)128(V)79.0(H)36.7(V) *1.95(D)66.9(H)29.06(V)YMS128296-029DAAMFGL
4.2"B/W0-50C120400 (H) 300(V)91.0 (W)77.0(H)*1.2(D)84.8 (H)63.6 (V)YMS400300-042CAAMFGN
4.2"B/W/R0-40C120400 (H) 300(V)91.0 (W)77.0(H)*1.2(D)84.8 (H)63.6 (V)YMS400300-042CABMFGN-R
7.5"B/W0-50C100640(H) 384(V) 170.2(H)111.2(V)1.18(D) 163.2(H)97.92(V)YMS640384-075BAAMFGN
7.5"B/W/R0-40C100640(H) 384(V)170.2(H)111.2(V)1.18(D)163.2(H)97.92(V)YMS640384-075DABMFGN-R
7.5"B/W/R0-40C100640(H) 384(V)170.2(H)111.2(V)1.18(D)163.2(H)97.92(V)YMS800480-075AABMFGN-R

Contact us now.

We are happy to assist you with your LCD questions, get in touch with us!

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Muster-Datenschutzerklrung der Anwaltskanzlei Wei & Partner

Privacy Policy

Personal data (usually referred to just as "data" below) will only be processed by us to the extent necessary and for the purpose of providing a functional and user-friendly website, including its contents, and the services offered there.

Per Art. 4 No. 1 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the "GDPR"), "processing" refers to any operation or set of operations such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation, alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination, or otherwise making available, alignment, or combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction performed on personal data, whether by automated means or not.

The following privacy policy is intended to inform you in particular about the type, scope, purpose, duration, and legal basis for the processing of such data either under our own control or in conjunction with others. We also inform you below about the third-party components we use to optimize our website and improve the user experience which may result in said third parties also processing data they collect and control.

Our privacy policy is structured as follows:

I. Information about us as controllers of your data
II. The rights of users and data subjects
III. Information about the data processing

I. Information about us as controllers of your data

The party responsible for this website (the "controller") for purposes of data protection law is:

Yes optoelectronics Europe GmbH
Otto-Lilienthal-Str. 13
76275 Ettlingen

Email: info[at]

The controller's data protection officer is:

Albert Hampel

II. The rights of users and data subjects

With regard to the data processing to be described in more detail below, users and data subjects have the right

In addition, the controller is obliged to inform all recipients to whom it discloses data of any such corrections, deletions, or restrictions placed on processing the same per Art. 16, 17 Para. 1, 18 GDPR. However, this obligation does not apply if such notification is impossible or involves a disproportionate effort. Nevertheless, users have a right to information about these recipients.

Likewise, under Art. 21 GDPR, users and data subjects have the right to object to the controller's future processing of their data pursuant to Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) GDPR. In particular, an objection to data processing for the purpose of direct advertising is permissible.

III. Information about the data processing

Your data processed when using our website will be deleted or blocked as soon as the purpose for its storage ceases to apply, provided the deletion of the same is not in breach of any statutory storage obligations or unless otherwise stipulated below.


a) Session cookies

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are small text files or other storage technologies stored on your computer by your browser. These cookies process certain specific information about you, such as your browser, location data, or IP address.  

This processing makes our website more user-friendly, efficient, and secure, allowing us, for example, to display our website in different languages or to offer a shopping cart function.

The legal basis for such processing is Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. b) GDPR, insofar as these cookies are used to collect data to initiate or process contractual relationships.

If the processing does not serve to initiate or process a contract, our legitimate interest lies in improving the functionality of our website. The legal basis is then Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f) GDPR.

When you close your browser, these session cookies are deleted.

b) Third-party cookies

If necessary, our website may also use cookies from companies with whom we cooperate for the purpose of advertising, analyzing, or improving the features of our website.

Please refer to the following information for details, in particular for the legal basis and purpose of such third-party collection and processing of data collected through cookies.

c) Disabling cookies

You can refuse the use of cookies by changing the settings on your browser. Likewise, you can use the browser to delete cookies that have already been stored. However, the steps and measures required vary, depending on the browser you use. If you have any questions, please use the help function or consult the documentation for your browser or contact its maker for support. Browser settings cannot prevent so-called flash cookies from being set. Instead, you will need to change the setting of your Flash player. The steps and measures required for this also depend on the Flash player you are using. If you have any questions, please use the help function or consult the documentation for your Flash player or contact its maker for support.

If you prevent or restrict the installation of cookies, not all of the functions on our site may be fully usable.

Model Data Protection Statement for Anwaltskanzlei Wei & Partner